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Friday, July 23, 2004

AD:Tech Search Marketing Panel, Uber Geeks? Nah

I was reading a post on AD:Tech's blog about the speakers on the "Paid Search and Your Brand" panel from the last day of the show.  I've put in bold the term I want to emphasize here.  Here's an excerpt. "Moderator Barbara Coll of WebMama (and president of SEMPO), Kevin Lee of Did-It, Kevin Ryan of Wahlstrom Interactive and Fredrick Marckini of iProspect have spent so much time on the road together speaking on the same search marketing panels in recent years, their patter has the delivery of a troup of vaudeville performers. For a bunch of uber-geeks, there were plenty of laughs. (Chris Bowler, of's iTraffic division, also spoke on the panel, though he was new to the team so - although he provided ample insights - he did not partake in the insult humor of the rest of the group.) Nearly every seat was filled for the Tuesday afternoon session, the last day of the show." I actually take offense to that. I mean I'm not sure a single one of those guys is an uber-geek. Definition: An uber geek is a prominent or extreme example of the common geek. Uber, the German word for above or over, has been adopted by English-speakers as a prefix meaning super or ultra; thus, the uber geek is one whose preoccupation with technology goes above and beyond that of the average geek. In the internet realm examples of uber-geeks are folks such as Tim Bray (the inventor of xml), Pete Freitag (ColdFusion/Java Guru), Jeremy Allaire (inventor of ColdFusion), Sergey Brin and Larry Page (Founders of Google) and the list could go on but for now I'll stop there. Just be careful what you read and watch out when someone starts using techie terminology to describe a bunch of business folks. Usually it's just to make the piece more readable but sometimes it goes overboard and this is one of those times.

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