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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Who's Writing for McDonalds?

So last week Shannon (my wife) and I are watching a bit of tv and a McDonalds commercial comes on. Now I really can't stand their new "I'm Lovin It" ads but that's besides the point. The commercial is about a couple that's going on their first date to McDonalds. Like any girl dating a good looking, wealthy (appearing), smooth talking, guy in his mid-20's she asks herself what's wrong with him. I mean, obviously something must be wrong with him since he appears to be such a fine catch and yet he's still single. Then her beau places an order for her without asking what she wants and she says (in her head), "oh he's a control freak'. An thus her question is answered. My wife appropriately pointed out a more elemental flaw with this guy... He took her to McDonalds on their first date! How true, I mean how messed up is that? If this guys' half as sophisticated as he appears there's no way he'd be taking this girl to McDonalds, especially on a first date. Talk about first impressions. I can only imagine who Shannon would've ended up with if I had taken her to McDonalds on our first date. All I know is it wouldn't have been me.

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