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Friday, April 23, 2004

Maybe it's Just Me, Google Bug 2

I was researching a ColdFusion app tonight when I clicked on the "Google Category Button" on the Google Toolbar and the category was " Programming/Internet/ColdFusion/Applications/". Even though that's what showed up in the browser address field, the results page showed a completely different category. " Literature/British/Shakespeare/Works/Plays/" Here's a screenshot of the second google bug I investigated. That's so weird. I'm honestly not sure why Google returned a completely different category. Some possible explanations are that Google was tracking my session (not likely on this since it was my first request but possible) and my session variables weren't locked by their server therefore returning someone else's results to me. I don't think that explanation holds up because I clicked on the button in the Google Toolbar, which is just like a bookmark. Therefore, my session vars wouldn't even have been attached to me until my request was completed, therefore I had not initiated a session and thus the session vars couldn't be mixed up. Explanation 2: The button on the toolbar malfunctioned. It could've posted a request for a completely different category than the one associated with the site I was on. I don't buy that though because the url showed the category for the site just fine and it was the contents of the rendered html results page that showed differing information than the true results for that particular category. Explanation 3: There could be a minor bug with the new Google directory. Remember, when Google launched their new look they removed the directory information relating to each web site. Could these two items be related, possibly but I have no idea how. Gut Explanation: My gut tells me there was an io error between my toolbar and Google. Perhaps my toolbar sent only partial information to and thus the directory engine did it's best to determine what I was looking for and instead of returning nothing it returned a category it thought matched. That's probably the best explanation I can come up with but I'll ask the experts and see what they have to say. If I hear anything back I'll post it here.

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