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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Microsoft Search Beta Manipulating Results?

One thing Google prides itself on is not tampering with it's result set. They want their search results to be completely objective (unless you're banned for spamming) and take pride in the fact that their algorithm can do the sort and rank search results on it's own without human intervention. I assume, a horrible thing to do I know, Microsoft has the same approach and wants to remain completely unbiased. But when I ran a couple searches on their beta engine I was a little surprised at the results. If there's a good explanation of them I'd love to hear it and you can rest assured that I'll do my own research on the matter later.

Which keyword searches appear to be tampered with?

1. "more evil than god" - Google is the second match listed only preceded by That doesn't seem at all odd now does it? Google's results don't show either site in the first 50 results I found.

2. "more evil than satan" - Interestingly Google has claimed the no. 1 position for this enviable term on Microsoft's new search site powered by "evilrank".

3. "evil" - has dropped to 11 for this term but Google's nowhere to be found. It's odd since the getfirefox url doesn't have that word in it anywhere. I also find it strange that the Firefox site is the only one in the top 30 results that doesn't have evil in it's title, hmmm interesting.

So what's the deal?
I don't know if the search results were tampered with or not but I'm taking screenshots. Perhaps there is a lot to learn about their new algorithm. Maybe it's a deviation of the hilltop
algo. In that case, if you want to be number 1 for "more evil than satan" on Microsoft's new search engine then you'd better get a link from Google. Wink. On the other hand, maybe it's just a bug, after all, this is only the beta release. Perhaps we could get an answer from Microsoft on their new blog, woops that was the link for Google's blog, here's Microsoft's search blog.

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