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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Google Acquisitions Tell A Story

Just what is that story? Go to any search engine conference and you'll hear it so often you start humming it like it's your daily mantra. "Search engines are looking for high quality content, period." Looking at Google's recent acquisitions it's easy to see they're not just talking the talk. Every acquisition Google makes is based on a new or unique data set that will put them ahead of the competition for years to come.

Some folks aren't sure if buying up small companies is enough to keep Google on top of its game and suggest they won't be a world super power until they can make acquisitions of larger companies work. I say that isn't going to happen. Why? Google knows they need A players and when purchasing a company of a handful of employees, all of them will be A players because there isn't any time for bs. Unfortunately, the larger the company is the more places there are for slackers to hide. Also, when you purchase an
player they'll bring on more
players because they understand the only way for their game to get better is to be surrounded by the best. Additionally, "B" players will only bring on "C" or "D" players because of insecurities and if they accidentaly hire an "A" player they'll thwart them into remission or until they quit.

Google is a medium size company being run by a bunch of incredibly smart and highly motivated individuals with a common purpose. As long as the vision continues to come from the top I believe they'll continue to make the small company acquisitions. Many times a small company only needs the infrastructure of an established company to flourish. When Google acquires these diamonds in the rough it's like a dream come true for both parties. The little guy isn't intoxicated by the cushy salary and fringe benefits but rather by the ability to make their small piece of technology serve the greater good of the web. The ability to impact the lives of billions of people the world over in a positive way is worth far more than any amount of money. So instead of the little guy getting fat and lazy, he/she becomes hungrier than ever, knowing he/she's that much closer to their dream.

I understand the game has changed a bit now that Google's worth a little over $52 billion and Wall Street's watching. But if Sergey and Larry have enough room to breathe and continue to hire the best and buy the best we'll all be better off.

This post was inspired by this post as well as my wife dealing with the onset of more consistent contractions and my inability to sleep. Yes we're expecting our second child and I wouldn't be surprised if she is welcomed into our lives tomorrow. I can't wait!

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