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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Bloglines Makes Subscribing to Blog Feeds Easier

Bloglines recently added the ability for you to subscribe to a blog feed from one of 6 major blog hosting providers by simply knowing the name of the blog. The support is currently limited to Blogger's blogspot, LiveJournal, xanga, google groups, yahoo groups, and It's kind of nice. If you wanted to subscribe to raiderallison's blog at blogspot you'd simply type "raiderallison" into the field with the Blogger logo and bloglines would return this feed.

It saves a bit of time if you know the user name or account name but I personally think it's just as easy to go to your favorite blog's url and hit the xml feed button and cut and paste that into the bloglines subscription. But who knows, maybe there's a market for this little tweak.

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