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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

B2B Search Engine Marketing Myths Exposed

David Berkowitz of MediaPost did a great job debunking some extremely popular myths regarding b2b companies and their search engine marketing theories. I'm amazed at the mysterious nature of search engine marketing that pervades companies even still. Here are some of his b2b search marketing myths exposed.

B2B Search Engine Marketing Myths
MYTH: "People who see our ad can find our Web site."

REALITY: recently reported the top 10 searched terms for the day included "google," "yahoo," and "ebay." Also high on the list were terms such as "ask jeeves," "," "mapquest," "," "," and a Web site that appeared to be a strange mix of literature and erotica. People search for search engine Web site URLs in search engines.

MYTH: "People don't do searches for big ticket B2B products and services."

REALITY: Let's go to Overture's Keyword Selector Tool. Below are tallies of searches conducted in Overture in September 2004:

*Enterprise asset management - 1,341 *Supply chain management software - 1,692 *Telecommunication infrastructure - 1,052 *Security management - 5,290 *Product life cycle management - 6,294 *Wireless solution - 3,409 *Document management services - 1,644

MYTH: "Search is just for small businesses, and it's taking money away from the Yellow Pages. It's for people who can't afford advertising."

REALITY: Just how many established brands do I need to name here to show how ludicrous that line of thinking is? Such brands should either be insulted for the slap in the face or relieved that some normally fierce competitors are sitting this round out. It's like saying radio is solely for companies that can't afford television ads.

My Thoughts on B2B Search Marketing Today
It's amazing how this "I don't get it" attitude pervades every level of IT and marketing in large companies. It would've been great to be on that b2b marketing panel and to debunk every one of their silly conclusions with data and experience. Especially if it came from someone they'd never heard of, like me.

Search engine marketing is as important to branding and lead generation as any other form of marketing and even more so today than it has been in the past 5 years. I'd say it's analgous to companies that didn't want to go online during the dot com boom only to find they were losing market share and brand recognition because they failed to change with the times. Companies not willing to incorporate search engine marketing into their marketing and web initiatives will find themselves in the same position... Gone!

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