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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Advertisers Don't Listen to Mothers According to Report

BSM Media founder Maria Bailey recently conducted a study "Marketing to Moms: Getting Your Piece of the Trillion Dollar Market". The study focuses on advertisers missing the mark when targeting mothers. The study finds that over 75% of the 600 participants felt marketers and advertisers aren't acknowldeging their needs as mothers in ads. Why Are Advertisers & Mothers Missing Each Other? I don't think the advertisers are all to blame for this phenomenon. Mothers roles today are probably more unclear than they ever have been. If you compare men to women the problem becomes much more clear. Within the 18 - 34 male demographic you have professionals, fathers who are professionals, single dads, etc... and the same is true within the same demographic for women. However, what percentage of the women in that age demo are stay at home moms? What percentage are single parents that don't work and which percentage are single parents that do work. I think the female demographic is much harder to decipher and that won't change for some time. My own story down this path. I built a maternity directory web site for my wife when she was pregnant with our first child. The purpose was two fold. First I wanted to fully understand parent child relationships when stored in a single sql table and a directory application was perfect for that. Secondly, I wanted to help my wife keep an easy to maintain list of sites she found useful without creating a bookmarks file the size of Florida. Thus, gogomama was born. A few months ago she mentioned to me that she was shocked at some of the sites I had placed on the site. She said "I hate that site, why did you ever put that in there?". Like any man does, I said "I don't know, I guess I thought you liked that site". Obviously I was completely wrong with many of the sites I chose but I was dead on with some of them as well. The funny part is how her preferences and online shopping style/behavior have changed from the first pregnancy to the second. Things she liked before like Baby Gap may still be on her good list but have fallen in favor and have been replaced by sites like Petit Patapon, Tuti Bella, and Childish Clothing. My point is that women are constantly evolving and changing as are mothers today. Unless advertisers and marketers hit women in a specific time frame they're going to continue to miss the mark and not connect with their target. It's like trying to fish for Salmon out of season. The message is fine but the target is nowhere in sight. More on this can be found at Media Post.

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