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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Scottie Claiborne Merges With The Karcher Group

Congratulations to Scottie Claiborne on her recent merger with the Karcher Group. Scottie frequently contributes articles and is a forum administrator at Jill Whalen's High Rankings forums. I've had the pleasure of speaking with Scottie at the past two Search Engine Strategies conferences and can tell you she's a great person and search engine marketer as well.

One of the most important pieces in a merger/acquisition is determining whether or not there's an overlap in culture between the two organizations. Obviously Scottie has been working on her own but the Karcher Group is growing at a good clip and from what I can tell their personalities mesh pretty well. Matt Bailey heads up the search engine marketing efforts at the Karcher Group and has the same mentality as Scottie. Both of them believe in educating the customer, over-delivering, and have great personalities.

With that I wish them the best of luck and look forward to seeing great things come out of this merger.

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